08 September 2009

Kite Surfing a Miami

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  1. Est-ce toi qui est là ? si c'est le cas ouah!

  2. Non ce n'est pas moi!
    mais mon fils qui est fan de Kite Surfing, des que le vent est favorable..il saute sur "son board" et glisse en suivant la cote
    tire par le kite (cerf volant)

  3. Bon Jour Catherine,

    I'm still here and have not forgotten about you and your sweet Mounette. Glogirly has had a lot of out of town company and some surgery (she's fine) so she's not been able to help me with my blog. But now that everyone is gone, I have the townhouse and Glogirly back to myself. Yippee!

    The kite surfing looks exciting! I'll have to see if they make surf kites for cats. ; )


  4. Hi Glogirly and Katie,
    Nice to have some news. Very sorry for your medical problems.
    I wish you a good recovery.
    Have a good day
    See you soon.

    Mounette and Catherine