14 November 2009

Bruno said

I remember when I was there that all airlines were having an interesting NEW problem: a weight problem! why a weight problem? because lots of people wanted to take pieces of the wall so they were carrying heavy tools like hammers and of course pieces of walls which when you add up small pieces together, it made a big difference for the airlines whic were consuming more fuel for that period of time...Bruno


  1. That is so interesting. Thank God that the wall is gone.

  2. Thank God, today more comprehension
    and more freedom

  3. I didn't know this but it makes sense.

    It's so wonderful that that wall came down. I wish the same thing for North Korea.

  4. Thank you Lucy for visiting, Lucy the cat is so beautiful.

  5. Thx Lucy le Cat for visiting.
    I am sorry I do not know the problem North Korea ..?
    In my opinion. the world is getting better and people are more tolerant.What do you think about that Lucy ?