14 July 2009

Hello, everyone how are you today ?

Dear Katie,
I would like to introduce to you my cat cousins from France.

They like to jump into the flowers and sleep in a little basquet !

Today they are a little shy and do not agree to show you their cute face.


  1. je te souhaite une bonne journee !
    bisous a++++++

  2. Dear Mounette and OiseauBird,

    Thank you for showing me the wonderful photo of your cat cousins from France! Even though they are shy, they are very skilled at posing perfectly side by side. It almost looks like they practiced! I live by myself, well except for my human Glogirly and the other one, her husband. Sometimes it's a little lonely, but this way I get all the attention. If there were another cat here, they'd probably want their own blog.

    Have a fun day!

  3. dear CATHY
    adorable felins!
    en as tu 1 a toi???
    l ardechois

  4. Merci l'Ardechois de ta visite.
    J'ai un seul chat mais c'est "la Princesse", mon bebe, Mounette.
    Photos bientot...