15 July 2009

Voici Tom et Amandine


  1. Bon Jour my French Friends!

    Glogirly is going on vacation and she told me that I can't use the computer while she's gone. So I won't be able to blog for two whole weeks after today. She said she might be able to write to me on the blog if she has an internet connection, so maybe I will hear from her.

    Don't worry about me...I have a cat sitter. (not that I need one...I can take care of myself.) I posted some pictures of me dancing on my blog today.

    meow for now,

  2. Nice to read you

    Happy vacation for Glogirly

    Be patient Katie and take car yourself.
    I will look your new pictures soon

    See you soon,bye

    Mounette, your cat friend